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ECObric™ is TerraFusion’s brick-making stabilizer solution. ECObric has shown reductions of up to 40% in the cost of making bricks, while completely cutting out the need for kiln-fired drying of bricks.

Ecobric Advantages
• Save up to 40% of the costs of making bricks
• Eliminate the need for kiln firing
• Reduce — and in some cases, eliminate — the need for cement
• Reduce the carbon “footprint” of brick production
• Make low-income housing and development available to all

Our partners around the world have been making bricks for housing as well as a number
of other building applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick manufacturing.

Use ECObric to make bricks, concrete masonry units and blocks that meet ASTM standards
(C-67-99), reduce your costs, and provide a green brick solution for local and international markets.
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