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ECOroads in Action

Video Demonstration

Ecoroads demonstration
Click here for a quick video overview of ECOroads in action.

• Long-term Public Roads
  and Road Networks
• Subgrade Modification
• Pot Hole Repair
• Pipe Bedding and
  Cut Back Fill
• Parking Lots and Driveways
• Railway Embankments
• Access Roads / Dirt Roads /
  Haul Roads
• Airstrips
• Hard Shoulders and
  Securing Slopes
• Dust Reduction

While it was designed primarily to improve subgrades and road bases, ECOroads can be used in a variety of applications, including the ones you see on the side of this page. From Thailand to Morocco, from Venezuela to Kazakhstan, ECOroads has been helping road builders, general contractors and geotechnical consultants for over ten years. ECOroads has a number of key advantages over traditional soil stabilization methods.

How EcoRoads Compares


Case Studies

Click on the images below to review how ECOroads has performed in different capacities and locales around the world.

Caracas Area
Heavy Farm Road
Bangkok Area
Heavy Farm Road
Casablanca Area
Mining Access Road
Zibo City
Mining Access Road

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