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Improving the Compressive Strength of Roads

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Additional ECOroads Applications

• Long-term Public Roads &
  Road Networks
• Subgrade Modification
• Pot Hole Repair
• Pipe Bedding and Cut Back Fill
• Parking Lots and Driveways
• Railway Embankments
• Airstrips
• Hard Shoulders and
  Securing Slopes
• Access, Dirt, Haul Roads
• Dust Reduction

General Site Contractors will be relieved to find a construction solution that eases
the logistics of road construction. Traditionally, outside aggregates needed to be
trucked in to provide material for strengthening the road base. Now, ECOroads
reduces or eliminates outside trucking of material. ECOroads enzymatic soil stablizer
is mixed with water and applied to the in situ soil to create a strong, durable road base.
So you work with your local soil instead of having to haul it away.

With a typical mile of road requiring 6,000 tons of mined rock per mile, considering
the cost of materials, trucking and gas, the cost savings can add up.

Other ECOroads Applications
ECOroads can also be used to harden other surfaces on the work site including
parking lots, hard shoulders, securing slopes, stabilization of clay foundations, rail
embankments and sub foundations.

ECOroads Advantages
Stabilize subgrades and bases on projects ranging from public and private
  roads to parking lots, embankments and even low height building pads
Drastically reduce the amount of aggregate base rock required for your pavement
  or base designs – and lower your client’s cost by a factor of up to 40%
Significantly improve the environmental profile of your project, helping your
  clients attain valuable LEED points, tax credits and public recognition

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