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Improving the Compressive Strength of Roads

Soil Test

ECOroads is Proven Technology

• Tested by the US Army
  Corps of Engineers
• Stronger than Type III Cement
• Stronger than Lime treatment
  at 3%, 5% and 7%
• Tested by the University of
  Minnesota for the Minnesota
  DOT — improved MR by 76%
• Roads stabilized with ECOroads
  have withstood over ten years of
  heavy traffic and high freeze/thaw
  cycle weather

The choices you make of what materials to use when stabilizing a road, embankment, parking lot or other project are quite limited: aggregate base rock of one kind or another,
the occasional lime treatment, perhaps fly ash; soon you are out of options.

ECOroads is a proven new alternative for stabilizing soils in a lasting, environmentally-
friendly and highly cost-effective manner.

ECOroads is an organic, liquid-based formula that improves the compressive
strength, load bearing capacity and overall durability of subgrades and base
courses. When mixed with soil material from the building site and compacted, the
enzymes and compounds in ECOroads act upon the cohesive fines to accelerate
bonding and creating a permanent, water-resistant base.

Whether your desired metric is California Bearing Ratio, Resilient Modulus,
Unconfined Compressive Strength, R-value or Gravel Index, ECOroads should
be part of your materials mix.

ECOroads Advantages
Stabilize subgrades and bases on projects ranging from public and private
  roads to parking lots, embankments and even low height building pads
Drastically reduce the amount of aggregate base rock required for your pavement
  or base designs – and lower your client’s cost by a factor of up to 40%
Significantly improve the environmental profile of your project, helping your
  clients attain valuable LEED points, tax credits and public recognition

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