Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Public Works Officials

Saving Taxpayer's Dollars and Time


ECOroads soil stabilizer is a welcome solution to governments faced with the need
to do more with less. When if comes to national or local infrastructure, ECOroads
can help reduce the cost and accelerate the pace of road building: build more
roads for the same budget.

Due to a lack of roads connecting food or natural resources to population centers,
some countries rely on imports, whose price swings with global markets and influences foreign policy decisions. ECOroads allows government to rapidly accelerate
infrastructure development to connect cities and create trade and commerce for
people to get their goods to market and allow their countries to remain competitive.

Reducing Soil Stabilization Costs
With soil stabilization constituting 40% – 60% of total construction costs, this becomes an obvious area to examine. By using in situ soil, which eliminates trucking in material, ECOroads Soil Stabilizer decreases the cost of road construction by 40%. ECOroads increases the strength, stability and durability of roads and outperforms other stabilization techniques on cost.

Decreases Road Maintenance Costs
Strength of the road sub-base layer is what prevents road cracking. ECOroads’
natural formula hardens the sub-base to prevent cracking. This means less repairs
and savings in excess of 50% on road maintenance costs.

Makes New Infrastructure Investment Affordable
A country’s productive use of its natural resources can determine its future, but nothing is more frustrating than having plentiful resources to offer the world, but no distribution or infrastructure to get it to world — or even local — markets. Crops wither in the fields or the storehouse, families cannot trade their goods and services, and children cannot get access to education and opportunity. A lack of working roads can keep a country's development stalled for decades, and with road building costs increasing, the possibility of a modern road network gets further out of reach with each passing year.

ECOroads can reverse this dynamic and has already begun to do so. Forward thinking governments can now begin to build out a lasting road network at a fraction of the cost - that same cost that has stymied road building efforts for years. Whether what is needed are roads connecting rural villages to towns and cities, agricultural roads that help farmers get their goods to market, or repair and improvement of city streets to help urban communities connect and thrive, ECOroads can be your development partner.

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use ECOroads to accelerate development and economic opportunity.

And because ECOroads is biomass-based, it does not add any harmful effects to
the soil. With environmental sensitivity growing as a differentiator, ECOroads will
help raise the environmental and safety profile of your road to set or comply with local or national environmental standards.

The True Cost of NOT Having Viable Roads

Thirty-five percent of the country is fertile land, and yet Venezuela imports much of
its fruits and vegtables.

Mangos KENYA
Mango farmers can’t get their fruit to market, often leaving
their crops to rot or being gouged financially by local

Thousand of women and babies die each year in childbirth because they can’t get
to health centers.


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