Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Green Energy

ECOroads - The Natural Choice

Green Energy

Decreases Use of
Mined Aggregates

• Most mined resource in the world
  (300mm tons in US annually)
• Huge footprint from mining,
  transporting, insuring, etc.
• Less toxic runoff into water
  and food sources
• Shortages starting to pop up,
  further increasing costs
• ECOroads decreases aggregates
  use in roads

ECOroads is the natural choice for the Green Energy market. With the growing
demand for alternative energy, massive investments are being made in solar and
wind farms. With access and service roads needed, road construction becomes part
of the overall equation. ECOroads offers three major benefits to this market:

Reduced Environmental Footprint
Cost Savings
Rapid Road Construction

Reduced Environmental Footprint
For environmentally-sensitive projects that seek similarly-responsible products
and processes to keep their projects green, ECOroads becomes an easy choice.
Appropriate for low traffic roads, biomass-based ECOroads soil stablizer hardens
the road bed without chemicals, thus reducing or eliminating the need for importing
road base material. With possible LEED points awarded, ECOroads becomes the
obvious choice for green energy projects.

Consider the environmental impact of traditional road building (per mile):
• 6,000+ tons of mined aggregate base rock
• 300+ truck trips
• 500+ gallons of gas

ECOroads cuts this damage in half and in some cases eliminates it completely.

Cost Savings
Given the payback return period for alternative energy investment, any financial
incentive is welcomed. That’s where ECOroads soil stabilizer comes into play.
By hardening the local soil and avoiding the need to import aggregate material for
the base road layer, road construction costs can be reduced by 40%, a welcome
savings that reduces the overall cost of projects.

Reduced Road Building Time
As federal funds are allocated toward green infrastructure projects as part of the
economic revival measures, speed is of the essence. The faster projects can
get built, the quicker their benefits can be realized. ECOroads’ soil stabilizer reduces
road construction time significantly so that solar energy and wind farms can be
operational as soon as possible, making attracting capital easier and showing
a faster return on investment.

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