Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


What is ECOroads?

Easy to Use

Video Demonstration

Ecoroads demonstration
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• Save up to 40% of the cost of
  building a road or major
  development/ construction project

• Increase the strength, quality,
  durability and longevity of virtually
  any soil stabilization project,
 including roads, subbases and
 other construction bases

• Save up to 50% of the cost
 of ongoing road maintenance

• Vastly improve the environmental
  profile of road or development/
  construction projects

• Reduce equipment, labor costs
  and overall construction time

ECOroads is easy to use and requires no special equipment or complicated training. Simply add ECOroads to the water used to reach Optimum Moisture for Compaction and mix well with the road subgrade material prior to compaction. Our formula acts upon the cohesive fines contained in the soil through a natural bonding process. This promotes a closer binding of soil particles, which in turn results in a stronger, more stable, longer-lasting earth layer. The greater bonding density creates a base that prevents pot holes, wheel ruts and soil migration, is almost impervious to water penetration and is significantly resistant to frost heaving.

Depending on the Traffic Index or designed use of the road, the improved strength that ECOroads creates allows you to significantly reduce the amount of aggregate base rock required, reducing total construction costs by 20 - 40%. For even greater durability, treated road bases should be topped with a material of choice, including asphalt, chip seal or bitumen primer.

ECOroads accelerates the bonding of organic and cohesive fines within the local soil, creating a harder, more lasting base

Increases the compressive strength of the soil

Acts as a catalyst to accelerate and strengthen road material bonding, creating a denser,
  cohesive and more stable soil

Reduces the compaction effort and improves soil workability while lubricating the soil

This makes the soil easier to grade and allows the compactor to achieve targeted soil
  density with fewer passes

ECOroads Cost Savings Table

Up to 40% savings in construction costs

Upwards of 50% savings in lifetime maintenance costs

Proven effective across multiple countries and soil types

Drastic reduction in environmental footprint of road building

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