Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Military Use

ECOroads provides indispensable and strategic military advantages

Military Plane

How ECOroads
Serves the Military

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Whether a quick deployment or a more long-term initiative, ECOroads is ideally
suited to support key military aims. Large-scale military operations may require
military roads, secondary access roads and airstrips. Shorter actions require fast
and undetectable roads. ECOroads meets these needs for rapid and undetectable
deployment to allow for expedited military action.

Reducing the Complexity of Road Construction
ECOroads soil stabilization for road bases and airstrip construction drastically
reduces the complexity of road building which allows for faster construction and
reduces risk of harm by minimizing the equipment needed. By hardening soil at the
location, the need for importing other road base material is eliminated and additional trucking outside of a controlled area is not needed.

Rapid Road Deployment
Because ECOroads is biomass-based, its curing time is fast — just 72 hours for a full cure, 24 hours for a 70% cure — compared to concrete which can take up to 672 hours to harden. This translates to road access within 3 days. In addition, a road built with ECOroads generally requires only half the depth of a normal airstrip or roadbase for additional savings. Another great benefit of ECOroads is that if the road is kept unpaved it doesn’t show up on radar, gaining a military advantage in certain circumstances.

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