Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Mining and Timber Roads

Gain a Competitive Advantage


ECOroads Benefits

• More durable, longer lasting roads
• 20% to 40% cost savings in road
• Reduce or eliminate delays
• No specialized equipment required
• Intuitive application keeps with
  current road building process
• Possible LEED points and

Proven Testing
ECOroads has been tested and used on mining haul roads since 2001 and the
results and performance have been stellar. With over 10 years of experience in
the mining road arena, ECOroads has emerged as the best performing, best
value, and most eco-friendly product for soil stablization.

Solid Road Building Benefits
According to the latest scientific studies, the hallmarks of a properly constructed,
working mining haul road include:
• The ability to provide a safe and vehicle friendly ride without the need
   for excessive maintenance
• Adequate trafficability under wet and dry conditions
• The ability to shed water without excessive erosion
• Resistance to the abrasive action of traffic
• Freedom from excessive dust in dry weather
• Freedom from excessive slipperiness in wet weather
• Low cost and ease of maintenance

ECOroads soil stabilization provides these benefits at 20% to 40%
cost savings in road construction.

Environmental Benefits
ECOroads’ natural formulation improves the environmental profile of any development. ECOroads is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, natural multi-enzyme product – no
polycarbons, plastics or oil are used. ECOroads’ usage profile allows for the use of
in-situ soil, reducing cost and environmental impact as less or no aggregate needs
to be trucked in.

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