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Chinese Officials Turn To TerraFusion And Ecoroads For Stronger Greener Roads

China – TerraFusion Inc., a leading provider of environmentally sustainable soil stabilization products, is pleased to announce the launch of an upcoming demonstration program of its ECOroads-DS soil stabilization solution in northeastern China.

The program will consist of building a series of new access and secondary roads using ECOroads-DS. The first demonstration will be a 16,000 square meter access road for a steel manufacturing facility and is expected to handle very heavy vehicle traffic. “With China’s annual economic growth rate consistently approaching double digits, the need to design and construct roads in rural areas continues to be significant. When integrated with the local road subgrade, ECOroads can dramatically improve the load carrying capability of these soils resulting in lower costs and reduced environmental impact” stated Patrick Pusey, TerraFusion’s Vice President of Sales.

The road construction demonstrations are being organized and sponsored by the Pravda Trade Group, TerraFusion’s distribution partner in the Liaoning Provence of China, and are designed to showcase the benefits of ECOroads-DS to national and local government officials throughout the country.

Chi Ning Yuan, Chief Technical Advisor for Pravda Trade Group, believes that the benefits of ECOroads will play a major role in assisting those responsible for building and maintaining road networks in China. “In recent months we have worked diligently with the Chinese authorities in the project area to introduce them to the benefits of TerraFusion’s ECOroads soil improvement system. Upon successful completion of these demonstration projects, we expect to assist in construction of many additional roads throughout this rapidly developing province.”

By Alex Goykhman
Published June 15, 2010

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