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Public Works Officials

Saving Taxpayer's Dollars and Time

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• Save up to 40% of the cost of
  building a road or major
  development/construction project
• Increase the strength, quality,
  durability and longevity of virtually
  any soil stabilization project,
  including roads, subbases and
  other   construction bases
• Save up to 50% of the cost of
  ongoing road maintenance
• Vastly improve the environmental
  profile of road or development/
  construction projects
• Reduce equipment, labor costs
  and overall construction time

Public works officials interested in speeding up time to deliver services to taxpayers
look to ECOroads soil stablizer to reduce road construction time, save money, and
set a standard for environmental consciousness.

With soil stabilization constituting 40% – 60% of total construction costs, use of
ECOroads can reduce overall costs significantly. ECOroads is an innovative
biomass formula that mixes with water and is applied to the road sub-base to
harden local soil, in place of trucking in aggregate material to the site. ECOroads
increases the strength, stability and durability of roads and outperforms other
stabilization techniques on cost.

ECOroads Benefits
Saves taxpayers money
Shows environmental consciousness and leadership in innovation
Lowers long-term maintenance costs
Reduces pot holes, rutting and heaving of roads

Decreases Road Maintenance Costs
As roads age over time with use and weather conditions, repair and maintenance
costs can start to mount. These costs are borne by the investor for private projects
or for public roads, burden the taxpayer and increase the overall cost of living.
The strength of the road sub-base layer is the key to long-term durability and reduction
in pot holes and rutting. ECOroads’ natural formula hardens the sub-base, significantly reducing road lifetime maintenance costs upwards of 50%.

And because ECOroads is biomass-based, it does not add any harmful effects to
the soil. With environmental sensitivity growing as a differentiator, ECOroads will
help raise the environmental and safety profile of your road to set or comply with local
or national environmental standards.

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