Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Real Estate Development

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Real Estate Development

ECOroads Benefits

• More durable, longer lasting roads
• 20% to 40% cost savings in
  road construction
• Reduce or eliminate delays
• No specialized equipment required
• Intuitive application keeps with
  current road building process
• Possible LEED points and

When planning and designing a development project, numerous considerations are made: cost, speed of development, and environmental impact to name a few. ECOroads Soil Stabilization makes these decisions easier and provides deep value, making projects attractive to buyers, investors and financial institutions.

ECOroads Soil Stabilization can be used across multiple areas including main roads, haul roads, building pads, staging areas, parking lots, and driveways.

Significant Cost Savings
ECOroads positively affects your financial equation: by recognizing 20% to 40% savings, margins improve and the mathematics of development projects become attractive once again. And more durable, longer lasting roads reduce future maintenance costs making it attractive to home buyers and municipalities.

Specifically ECOroads:
Enables you to make use of local soil material, reducing the amount of
  “demuck and fill” required
Allows you to improve sites sooner, faster and with less cost
Helps you build out parking lots, roads, staging areas and driveways at a
   fraction of the cost.

Environmental Benefits
ECOroads’ natural formulation improves the environmental profile of any development. ECOroads is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, natural multi-enzyme product — no polycarbons, plastics or oil are used. ECOroads usage profile allows for the use of in-situ soil, reducing cost and environmental impact as less or no aggregate needs to be trucked in. Depending on the scope of the project LEED points may be awarded for the use of ECOroads.

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