Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


Road Building

Reduce Road Maintenance Costs


As roads age over time with use and weather conditions, repair and maintenance costs can start to mount. These costs are borne by the investor for private projects, or for public roads, burden the taxpayer, increasing the overall cost of living.

ECOroads can significantly reduce road lifetime maintenance costs by 60% – 80%.

The most typical road problems are cracks, pot holes, and rutting. Caused by conditions on the top layer, a strong sub-base can mitigate these problems by slowing and reducing their spread. ECOroads strengthens the road bed and actually grows stronger over time. This mitigates damage below the road surface and ultimately reduces maintenance costs significantly.

Roads stabilized with ECOroads have been in constant use for over ten years with no maintenance required.

ECOroads Benefits

Savings of 40% – 60% of total construction costs

Works directly on the sub-grade and base soils

Creates sub-bases strong enough to meet DOT standards

Eliminates or significantly reduces the need for imported
  aggregates to stabilize road bases and sub-bases

Is easy and safe to store, transport and apply

Improves the environmental profile of roads and construction projects

Requires no additional training or equipment

Proven effective across multiple countries and soil types