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Forest Road

Key Partnership

ECOroads has been selected by the Coalition for a New California Infrastructure to be one of their few development and commercialization projects. This is a UN and private funded organization that works with transportation companies with leading technologies to accelerate their success and mass acceptance. The organization is based out of UC Berkeley and will help fund advance testing and application programs at UC Davis' Institute for Technology Studies.

ECOroads has proven to be effective for many kinds of roads in projects around the globe from such diverse countries as the United States, Morocco, Thailand and Venezuela. ECOroads has been used with various soil types and conditions and has undergone considerable testing successfully.

Key Approvals
ECOroads has been widely approved in the United States by:

ECOroads Key Approval Chart

And approved internationally:

Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Department of Transportation,
  Road Agency
Government of Romania, Institutul de Cercetari in Transporturi S.A.
Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, National Laboratory for Testing (LPEE)
Government of Venezuela, Armed Forces and Ministry of Infrastructure
Government of Thailand

Successful Tests

ECOroads has excelled in numerous independent lab tests across the globe.
Click on any laboratory name for a complete PDF version of each report.

Lab Shot ECOroads Lab Report Link Chart University of Minnesota U.S. Army Corps of EngineersMT Labs, U.S. Nova Geotechnical, U.S. Kasetsart University, Thailand Venezuela, Fuerte Tiuna Test Castro & DeLatorre (Costa Rica)
ECOroads Competition

A third-party independent laboratory in the United States conducted a test comparing ECOroads and its competitor. The testing was completed by the University of Minnesota’s Graduate Civil Engineering Department and the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation. The test used four different types of soils.

The results:
ECOroads worked on both soils tested.
The competitor worked on only one soil type.
Researchers questioned whether or not the competitor product
   even contained enzymes that worked.

Comparative Analysis of Roadbed Soil Resiliency*

According to independent
tests completed by the
University of Minnesota’s
Graduate Civil Engineering Department and the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation, ECOroads
PROVED 38% – 115%

    * Full report available upon request

ECOroads has been proven effective in different climates and capacities across the globe.

Soil Sampling

International Approval Chart


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