What Is the “ECO” in ECOroads?

While everyone tries to “greenwash” their products, using ECOroads makes a huge impact on the environmental and carbon footprint of road projects. How?

The Product Itself

• ECOroads is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and is made
  entirely from organic materials

• The production of ECOroads requires no heating or fire cooking, and therefore
  produces hardly any carbon output whatsoever

• ECOroads is safe to store, transport and apply, requiring no special training or equipment

Using ECOroads

• ECOroads delivers subgrade and road base strength in the form of increased long-term CBR, MR
  and UCS, which significantly reduces the amount of aggregate base rock required to stabilize a road.
  Aggregates are the most mined virgin natural resource in the world, are completely non-renewable,
  and take an enormous toll on the earth — and supplies are dwindling each year.

• To stabilize one mile of road in developed countries can require:
  — 6,000 tons of virgin, mined aggregate rock
  — 300 truck trips from the mine or quarry to the construction site
  — 500 gallons of gas

ECOroads cuts this damage in half and in some cases eliminates it completely.

In developing countries, using ECOroads can mean the difference between creating a modern road network — enabling trade, growth and modernization — or not.

Driving clean cars on dirty roads is solving only half the problem.

It's time for ECOroads.

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