Ecoroads Building Sustainable Roads to the Future


What is ECOroads?
What is the ECO in ECOroads?

and Eco-friendly

ECOroads is non-caustic,
noncorrosive, non-combustible
and biodegradable, making
it safe to store, transport
and use. It requires no special handling or containment

ECOroads is a proven, innovative biomass-based soil stabilization product that increases the strength, density, and durability of roads, road bases and construction site foundations efficiently and inexpensively. ECOroads' patent pending liquid formula hardens the local soil into a sustainable road sub-base to reduce or eliminate the aggregates needed.

The Ecoroads Difference

1. ECOroads Is Cost-Effective
By significantly reducing or eliminating the need for imported aggregate material, ECOroads saves 20 – 40% on the cost of building a road. ECOroads can solidify and stabilize soils in situations where other materials, i.e. asphalt and concrete, would be cost prohibitive. Due to increased soil strength and stability, in some cases, a thinner topping may be applied resulting in additional cost savings.

2. Road Can Be Constructed Using Local Materials
If 15%-25% cohesive fines (silts and clays) are present, ECOroads can be mixed directly with the top 6” of soil to produce a strong road base virtually impervious to water penetration. If importing material is required, a less expensive, non-graded dirty aggregate can be used.

3. Reduces Maintenance and Labor
Secondary roads without an asphalt topping require frequent maintenance (up to 1-2 times per year). With ECOroads, maintenance can be reduced to as little as once every 3-5 years. Roads with ECOroads and a capping have gone as long as 10 years with no maintenance.

4. Increases Soil Density and Load Bearing Capacity
The application of ECOroads binds soil particles into a highly dense base, increasing strength and load bearing capacity (as measured by CBR, UCS and MR). The road base will resist the damaging effects of erosion and mechanical forces.

5. Resists Water Penetration, Weathering and Wear
Soil material treated with ECOroads prevents water penetration, frost heaving, pot holes, and rutting, reducing maintenance costs over time while increasing safety.

6. ECOroads Is Easy
ECOroads is easy to apply and requires no special equipment or application procedures. Simply add the ECOroads liquid concentrate to water, apply with a sprayer truck and mix into the soil. It can be used with reclaiming machines or applied with regular road building equipment. ECOroads should be used with soils that contain at least 20% cohesive fines.

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