National Academy of Sciences Publishes Concrete Pavement Joint Sealant Practices and Performance Report

The National Academy of Sciences has just released its most recent report titled Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Joint Sealant Practices and Performance. This report compiles and documents information regarding the current state of practice of joint sealing concrete pavement by state departments of transportation. The objective of this synthesis is to document current practices with concrete pavement joint sealant in new construction and the maintenance protocols of existing joint sealants for concrete pavements. The synthesis documents use of concrete pavement joint sealants, types of materials used for these sealants, and construction methods. It also summarizes the use of data from AASHTO’s National Transportation Product Evaluation Program for concrete pavement joint sealant product approval, inspection and/or acceptance procedures, and evaluation of long-term product performance. Last, the report compiles issues surrounding concrete pavement joint sealant usage or effectiveness, such as water presence or movement and noise contributions, and alternative methods being used in lieu of sealants. Information in this study was acquired through a review of the literature, a survey of representatives of state departments of transportation, and follow-up interviews that informed the development of six case examples regarding joint sealing practices for concrete pavements. Jinho Kim and Dan Zollinger, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, collected and synthesized the information and wrote the report. You can download a copy of the report by clicking here.

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