StreetLight Data and Ford Mobility provide leading Traffic Safety Solutions

StreetLight Data and Ford Mobility provide leading Traffic Safety Solutions

StreetLight Data and Ford Mobility provide leading Traffic Safety Solutions

StreetLight Data, a leader in Big Data analytics for mobility, and Ford Mobility, Ford Motor Company’s subsidiary dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing mobility issues, today announced their collaboration to provide industry-leading, safety solutions for cities, local government agencies, and departments of transportation.

This unique combination of vast data and machine-learning resources offers users the most comprehensive mobility dataset and “smart” safety decision tools available today.

The new bundled offering Safety Solutions by StreetLight and Ford Mobility enables customers to achieve a “full-picture” multimode viewpoint of transportation and data-driven safety insights across a state, region, or city to tackle bike, pedestrian, and vehicle safety issues.

Safety Solutions by StreetLight and Ford Mobility is two powerful offerings in one comprehensive solution for maximum impact. Ford Mobility’s award-winning Safety Insights tool leverages crash data and connected vehicle data around near misses to identify safety hotspots and also helps simulate the estimated impact of potential mitigations.

Paired with StreetLight InSight®, the world’s first SaaS platform for mobility, with its Multimode subscription (a comprehensive set of bike and pedestrian features), Safety Solutions by StreetLight and Ford Mobility allows users to zero in on opportunities to help reduce serious and fatal crashes, while running further analyses to identify data-driven actions for next steps in investing in traffic safety.

Accessible at, the joint offering features three key pillars, including the ability to:

  • Access multiple powerful data sources. Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights combines crash data, connected vehicle data, and safety countermeasures research. StreetLight InSight® provides travel patterns based on information gathered from multiple sources, like smart phones and navigation devices in connected vehicles, trucks and IoT devices.
  • View a comprehensive safety picture. StreetLight’s Multimode Metric and Volume Metric are integrated into Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights data sources to identify crash hotspots and prioritize countermeasures. StreetLight InSight® helps to dive deeper into those hotspot areas and inform prioritization of safety solutions.
  • Evaluate solutions and determine impact. Customers can input cost-to-implement data in Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights to help scenario plan cost savings and understand crash reduction and time of return predictions — and run before-and-after studies within StreetLight InSight® to analyze changes in travel behavior.

“Safety Insights combines multiple datasets, including connected vehicle data, in a way that allows transportation planners to quickly sort and filter down to safety events of interest and then simulate the predicted impact of countermeasures for potential implementation,” said Cal Coplai, Product Owner of Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights. “This kind of collation and analysis was previously very time-consuming and often lacked any visual representation to help planners and engineers rapidly identify, analyze and recommend countermeasures for particular safety concerns.”

“Recent national trends about transportation safety are not positive — for drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists. We are thrilled to work with Ford Mobility to help our industry take smart, targeted steps to reduce injuries and fatalities, by prioritizing the right locations,” said StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel.

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